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Why have an Inspection

Real estate is a large investment and having a  home inspection can help you make an informed decision. More than a report on the condition of a home, it is an education to the buyers on understanding and maintaining their new investment. At Something Broken? Home Inspection we take that investment seriously. We work for you the Buyer and only you. Our inspection report is thorough and truthful to all aspects of the components covered that are visible at the time of the inspection.

Our inspection is an independent, unbiased review on the physical structures, systems, components and their condition. Consumers and real estate professionals should expect no less than full professionalism, education, competence, credentials, knowledge, and courtesy from a licensed inspector from Something Broken? Home Inspection.

Components covered:

  • Grading

  • Driveways and Walks

  • Steps and Stoops

  • Building Foundation

  • Exterior Home Walls

  • Siding and Trim

  • Roof Coverings, Flashings & Gutters

  • Roof Support Structure

  • Chimney

  • Attic Insulation/Ventilation

  • Basement

  • Crawl Space

  • Insulation Quality

  • Garage

  • Electrical

  • Visible Interior and Exterior Plumbing

  • Hot Water System

  • Decks and Patios

  • Doors and Windows

  • Heating System

  • Air Conditioning System

  • Fireplace

  • Bedrooms

  • Ceilings

  • Visual Check for wood boring insects during the structural inspection


Additional Services:

  • Well Water Quality Analysis
  • Radon Testing - Standard Canister Type
  • Electronic Radon Testing - Results in 48 hours, no mailing or lab work involved


Massachusetts Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors

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